Commercial Bounce House

medieval_bounceHouse-300x300During the spring and summer is the time of year when many companies plan their annual family picnic. Most of the time the theme is usually the same, and if your thinking, i wish the company would do something different and a little more exciting. Why not suggest they rent an inflatable commercial grade bounce house?

Believe it or not bounce houses aren’t only for kids, there are bounce houses for adults, of course children love the activity of jumping up and down in a bounce house. The structures and big and colorful, they love that, but adults love it too, it will bring out their inner child.

But if your not into the bounce house thing its still a good idea for the kiddos, and will give you some time to mix and mingle with co-workers. As much as a bounce house needs to be fine in quality, it should also be safe for the children to use. Surely not many sharp or hard substances are present within the bouncy structures that would make them dangerous, but if there is the presence of something such as vinyl thinners it would make the bounce house health risk once again.

An Indoor/Outdoor Bounce House

If your company would rather be indoors there are commercial style bounce houses for that too! As with residential bounce houses, there are many kinds of indoor bounce house brands for small to medium bounce house trampolines and castle bounce houses is the one that is made by Little Tikes, and the most popular appears to be the 5 in 1 Super Sports Inflatable Bouncer. It can be used indoors or outdoors, but if it will be for indoor usage then be sure that you have sufficient space because it is 10 feet by 10 feet by 7 feet high.

Most people have found it to be best outside. But it may be the best activity center indoors because it includes 2 basketball goals, 6 baskets along the walls, soccer and hockey goal and a volleyball net suspended in the middle. Be careful with the hockey sticks. This is good for children over 3 years of age. Don’t forget that children in bounce houses, no matter if they are completely enclosed and have mesh netting, will require adult supervision. An Arlington bounce house rentals search will pull up many companies that fit the bill.