Bounce House Equipment

What Other Equipment is Needed . . . ?

Along with the blower motor, there are other essential pieces of equipment needed for the proper setup of an inflatable bounce house or bounce house with a water slide. You will need to secure the unit from moving after it has been inflated. This can be accomplished with either stakes or sandbags at the designated tie-down points on your inflatable.

Anchor stakes can either be supplied with your bounce house purchase or can be obtained from any of the major home improvement centers. The manufacturer of your inflatable may also have sandbags available for purchase.

These typically are constructed out of vinyl with velcro closures to enable you to easily fill with sand, Also, the sandbags should have an attachment ring or nylon strap which allow you to use a “D” ring type clip to attach them to the inflatable tie-down points.

Heavy-Duty tarps will be needed whenever you setup your inflatable on a rough surface. The bottom of the inflatable needs to be protected from punctures and abrasions. It is recommended to use at least 18oz fire-retardant vinyl tarps. When searching bounce house rental companies in arlington tx make sure that company has all the proper equipment for your bounce house.