Bounce House Rental

When it comes to bounce houses, there are two types of bounce houses available to purchase. There are residential bounce houses and commercial bounce houses available.  In order to determine which bounce house is best for you, let us explain each type, so you can find out what to look for when it comes to finding that bounce house you need.

There is nothing better than having a party delivered directly to your door! A great rental company will take all of the guesswork out of your party. They will have the ability to give you everything you need to make your party a success. All you should have to do is go online, select the Inflatable Bounce House that you want to rent (and any other concessions that you may want to rent), and let the company do the rest of the work for you.

Residential Bounce House

Residential Bounce House, Home Bounce House or Kid Bounce House are all referring to the same type of inflatable.  Made out of a breathable fabric that requires constant airflow, these units are designed for children weighing under 100 lbs.  Because these bounce houses are designed for lower weight loads, they typically will be smaller in size.  The smaller size makes it more manageable for parents and grandparents to set them up.

Many end users believe that a bounce house for sale that is associated with the word “residential” means that the inflatable is of lesser quality.  Like any product category, you will have good and bad products manufactured.

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While each residential bounce house varies, below are some basic info regarding these units.

  • Made out of Breathable Fabric
  • Requires Continuous Airflow
  • Designed for Kids Under 100 lbs. (Please refer to specific product for exact requirements)

Commercial Bounce House

A Commercial Bounce House is made out of commercial grade PVC.  Typically, manufactures will use 15 oz. to 18 oz. PVC on a commercial bounce house. Because a heavier duty material is used, larger inflatables can be constructed and designed.  A commercial bounce house is just that, a bounce house that can be used in commercial settings such as but not limited to inflatable rental businesses, party centers, schools, day cares, or corporate events.  Both adults and kids can use commercial bounce houses.


Yet, you need to begin the booking for the bounce house maybe a couple of months before the party. Nonetheless, keeping all these things in mind, renting a bounce house is not much of an issue, in fact even find bounce house rental Arlington, or anywhere in the US can be quite convenient.

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